Saturday, 23 November 2013

Term 4 Written Language

WALT write a character description of a person we know very well.
We know we have achieved this when we …
-    have written about the person’s physical appearance (the way they look).
-    have written about the person’s behaviour (how they speak or act).
-    have written about how they affect other people (what do they do to make you notice them).
-    have written about the person’s environment and belongings.
-    used descriptive words to make a picture in the mind of the reader

Dad by Thorvin Basha

My dad tells funny jokes and always watches UFC trains at Strike Force. He is 45 or 46 years old. He has big muscles and loves pets and animals and boxing and fighting and TV. Sometimes he plays a guitar and drums and he loves me. He wears jeans on kind of hot days and also on hot days, he wears hats.

You have begun to describe your dad’s behaviour and what he does but I have no real picture in my mind of what he actually looks like. You need to describe his physical appearance.

Next steps:
1.    Try to begin your sentences in different ways.

2.   Use adjectives (describing words) and maybe some similes so there is a clearer picture of your dad.

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